Mr Michael Issac

Mr Michael Issac


Breast, Endocrine, General Surgeon & Endoscopist

About Me

I am a breast, endocrine and general surgeon. My aim is to provide you with the level of care that I expect my own family to receive.

  • Breast surgery – Cancer surgery including oncoplastics, Benign breast disease
  • Endocrine surgery – Thyroid. Parathyroid
  • General surgery – Hernias, Emergencies (appendix, gall bladder, bowel), Circumcision, Vasectomy, Lumps & bumps, Skin lesions
  • Endoscopy – Gastroscopy & Colonoscopy
  • I have been a consultant surgeon since 2009 and have worked in Victoria, NSW and Queensland in this capacity before settling in Victoria in 2011.
  • I currently hold the position of Head of Surgical Unit 2 at Northern Health and operate at several private hospitals.


  • MBBS – University of Melbourne – 1999
  • FRACS – Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons – 2008

Surgical Training:

  • My surgical training started in 2001 as a basic surgical trainee through the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH).
  • Advanced surgical training was completed in NSW through Prince of Wales Hospital (POWH) from 2004 to 2007.
  • Post-fellowship training (2008-2011) was undertaken at Liverpool Hospital (NSW), Princess Alexandra Hospital (QLD) and St Vincent’s Hospital (VIC).


  • I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching medical students and surgical trainees throughout my career.
  • Awarded Metropolitan Surgical Educator of the year award from the Austin/Northern surgical registrars in 2019.
  • My interest in teaching is directly reflected in how I enjoy explaining surgical conditions and procedures to my patients in simple every day terms and diagrams.

Continued Professional Development:

  • Whilst many of my colleagues are more heavily involved in clinical research, my main interest has always been in refining my operative technique, learning new procedures and adopting ones that will benefit my patients. I, therefore regularly attend conferences and courses that keep me abreast of current surgical knowledge and newest techniques.
  • Sunday school service: I teach a class of high school youth at my local Coptic (Egyptian) Orthodox Church. I continue to learn valuable lessons from these youth every day. My faith holds me accountable in everything I do and keeps me honest to practice what I preach.
  • Playing the piano: apart from the obvious enjoyment, this has greatly helped my surgical skills with: hand eye coordination, breaking complex tasks into simple steps, appreciating the importance of fine delicate touch which is not dissimilar to handling different tissues in the body.
  • Mathematics: I believe mathematics is the gym of the mind. I enjoy problem solving and lateral thinking which can both be handy when approaching complex surgical dilemmas.
  • Arabic: speaking, reading, writing.
  • Football: Don’t take it against me but I am a Bulldogs supporter.
  • Soccer: Liverpool fan.