Bowel Preparation

Bowel preparation

For a colonoscopy to be successful, your bowel must be completely clean. This is achieved by carefully following the dietary restriction and drinking your bowel preparation.

Bowel preparation solution is purchased from the pharmacy without a prescription. It works by washing the bowel through giving you diarrhoea.

The type of bowel preparation depends on a number of factors including your age and whether you have any kidney / heart / liver disease. You may need an extended bowel preparation if you have had a failed colonoscopy or suffer from severe constipation.

Dietary restrictions and the bowel preparation schedule depend on the timing of your colonoscopy – Morning vs Afternoon procedure.

To find out which bowel preparation schedule you should follow, please answer the following questions. When you press “Submit”, you will be guided as to which bowel preparation option to download and follow.

Bowel Preparation Options